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    Welcome Dongguan Boya test instrument factory

        Boya test instrument factory (BO YA) was founded in 1996 (the general taxpayer, issued 17% value-added tax votes; before and after more than ten years) is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise specializing in environmental testing instruments and equipment design, manufacturing, sales and technical services.

         The company is a large number of once formed by the main technology in senior technician of Japan and Taiwan factory for many years, to fully grasp the electrical control, refrigeration, heating and product structure of the core technology,especially good at non-standard test instrument manufacturing. And the constant pursuit of product innovation, dedication to the most reliable products for new and old customers.

    Taiwan R & D department

    The Three Gorges area of Taiwan and New Taipei City in the way two section of No. 17 4 floor

    Telephone: 886-02-2674-1909 Mr. Hong

    Fax: 886-02-2672-5693

    Dongguan factory

    Guangdong province Dongguan City Dongcheng Niushan vortex Ridge Industrial Park 29 building

    AB workshop (GREE air conditioning plant is opposite)

    Phone: 0769-22311350 Fax: 0769-22311352

    Mail box: (within 24 hours to reply)

    Contact person: Mr. Chen hand machine: 13924345148